About Alied Photography

Hi, let me introduce myself:

My name is Alied Kreijkes-van de Belt and I tell you all about Alied Photography.
Photography and music are my greatest passion and I love to combine these two through concert photography!


For as long as I can remember I have been creative in all sorts of areas. From drawing to making mosaics and from making games to photography.
I always liked to draw and portraits had my preference, already during my primary school days. When I was 16, I took (oil) painting lessons and I started to work with pastel chalk. Even then the portraits had the upper hand. Foreign cultures fascinated me enormously, so I also went to India, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey (which at the time was still at the start of tourism). After returning home I drew and painted the beautiful people I had seen there.


When I was 12 years old, I suddenly knew: I want a photo camera! I saved all my pocket money and birthday money, so that I could buy my first real camera. I shot a lot of pictures. When I went traveling, I bought an SLR camera. That is also where my love for photographing people and portraits originated. That purity really appealed to me.
From the outset, I have used the manual mode on the SLR camera. I saw it as a challenge to determine what my camera did. I have always ignored the automatic mode. This has taught me to properly understand the exposure triangle (what is the result if I give my shutter speed, aperture and iso a certain value?) and to “read” the light.


And there was also the love of music! When I think about it, I realize that it also started around the age of 12! Watching musicprograms on TV, keeping up with the Hitkrant, recording songs with my cassette recorder and dancing in my bedroom! I could entertain myself for hours with this. Or listen to music and make portrait drawings of artists. I still have my drawing blocks, they are a precious memory for me.
Later I also went dancing, first jazz ballet, then modern ballet. I loved to dance for hours!
I also went to performances of my favorite bands now. But shooting photos there came much later.

Concert photography and the emergence of Alied Fotografie:

When I first brought my camera to a concert a few years ago, I knew that this was my great passion! Capturing concerts in such a way that the viewer can taste the atmosphere from the photos and would like to be there himself. I asked for permission to take pictures at the local theater so that I could gain experience.
In the last few years I have photographed many concerts and I know that my heart is here! I find the combination of photography and music a gift every time!


I have become proficient in Photoshop by practicing and trying a lot. In the meantime I have built a large image bank, in which I store photos, which I can use for individual projects. Because in addition to concert photos, I also make free work. These are often creative expressions of feelings, which I express in different ways. Such a photo can consist of many different layers, sometimes more than 50, which I combine again. I also love doing that and I invest a lot of time in this.

The result:

I take extensive time to deliver the best possible endresult for my photos. This means that I put a lot of energy into both photography and post-processing.


Through my portfolio on this website I like to show you my enthusiasm and passion for photography.

On my facebook page Alied Photography you can find the complete albums of all Concerts, Events and Free Work. If you like, you can take a look there too.

Alied Photography:

If you are looking for a photographer for a concert, festival or event or you want to know more about Alied Photography, you can contact me using the form on this website under Contact or send an email to information@aliedfotografie.nl. I will contact you as soon as possible.